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Deborah Fetterhoff


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Music Event Calendar

General Information

Deborah Fetterhoff
Room 36

    310 676-4806 X 51036 or Deborah_Fetterhoff@lawndalesd.net

Periods 1,2, and 8:  Elective Wheel (12 weeks)

  • Students learn guitar chords and perform popular songs.
  • Guitars are provided for student use at school. Students are encouraged to have a guitar at home for practice.
  • Students are required to practice daily either at home on their personal instruments or in the music room before school or at lunch.

Period 4: Sixth Grade Music (six weeks)

  • Two semesters, students sing and play soprano recorders, alto recorders and fifes.
  • Instruments are provided for student use.
  • Students may practice in the music room before school or at lunch.
  • The musical "Dig It!", a survey of ancient civilizations, is performed one trimester. Parents and 5th graders from neighborhood schools are invited to attend the performance.

Periods 3 and 7: Band (yearlong)

  • Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone Horn.
  • Percussion is taught after school during the RAP program
  • Students perform in three parades, two concerts, a festival, and graduation every year.  These performances are mandatory and are part of the student's grade.
  • Although clean instruments in good repair are provided for students, loss or damage to the instrument is the        student's (parents') financial responsibility. Please help your student care for their instrument at home by storing it in a safe place and never leaving it in the car. Instruments should never be dropped, exposed to heat, cold, or moisture and should never be shared with siblings or anyone else. Repairs cost $90 and up.  Instrument replacement is $300 and up.
  • Daily practice is a requirement. Students may take instruments home to practice or they may practice before school or at lunch in the music room.
  • Students are responsible for buying their own personal supplies such as reeds, cork grease, and valve oil.
  • Clarinet and saxophone players must buy their own reeds and cork grease, available from Mrs. Fetterhoff or a music      store,
  • Trumpets need to buy valve oil, available from Mrs. Fetterhoff or at a music store. If you choose to buy supplies from Mrs, Fetterhoff, clarinet reeds are $3, saxophone reeds are $3.50, cork grease is $2.00, and valve oil is $4.
  • Students should have three good reeds at all times.
  • There is Mandatory Marching Band practice on Thursday from 1-3 approximately a dozen times a year to prepare for parades and concerts.  Students must participate in these practices to be eligible to perform.
  • All band students are required to purchase a band T shirt at the cost of $10.  

Period 9:  Advisory

  • Once a week, usually on Wednesday
  • School business such as announcements, fire drills, earthquake drills, make-up tests, organizational time, etc.

    Holiday Program in December
         December Holiday Parade
         March St. Patrick’s Day Parade    
         April Lawndale Parade
    Open House/Spring Concert in May 

    TakePART Festival in June

    Graduation in June

DISCIPLINE PLAN:  PBIS matrix, which is the school-wide discipline plan.

         Individual Daily practice: 25%
         Performance Tests:  25%
         Written Music Theory Tests:  25%
         Participation (parades, concerts, after school practices): 25%
        Listening Log 20%
         Guitar Performance Tests: 40%    
         Written Theory Tests: 40%

   Sixth Grade Music:
         Listening Log %20

         Recorder Performance Tests:  40%
         Written Theory Tests:  40%



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