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School Handbook

School Website

Our school website is

Much information about the school and its policies can be found at this site. Teachers post homework under the Parent tab(Find a Teacher).

In the Parent Portal parents can also access student grades and completion of assignments. To access this section a parent needs a User Name and Password, which can be obtained in the school office.


Parent Involvement Opportunities

At JAMS we welcome and know how important parent involvement is on our campus.  Parents play an essential part in making our campus a positive environment for all students. JAMS encourages parents to be a part of our school.  There are many ways to be a part of our school: PTA (Parents Teachers Association), School Site Council, Parent Center & Parent Volunteer.


Telephone Policy

The office telephone is used for school business, and may be used by students only in case of an emergency and with the permission of the secretary. Students cannot be called to the telephone during instructional time or lunch hours.   We cannot interrupt class or call students into the office.


Business Sponsors

JAMS is committed to building partnerships with our local businesses to play an important role in our students’ success.  We are looking for our local businesses to sponsor our school in several ways: teacher teams, after school programs, musical instruments, science school and computers.  In return, we will promote and recognize your contributions to our parents and our local community.  Please contact the school office for more information at 310-676-4806.

Jams Code of Student Conduct

JAMS Expectations

The JAMS community is dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment that fosters democratic ideals and positive citizenship, nurtures mutual respect and individual differences; develops life-long learners and productive members of society, encourages critical-thinking and problem-solving; and recognizes personal responsibility for the well being of the environment and global society. JAMS’ disciplinary program strives to hold students accountable for their actions, while providing an academically enriched educational experience.  Our policies will help to ensure a campus environment that is safe, clean, and conducive to learning.  We are confident that our students' behavior will meet our expectations by effectively and consistently enforcing JAMS’ policy.

Positive Behavior Rewards

JAMS is committed to providing a positive place of learning for all students.  Our school’s focus is to have high expectations for all students attending our school.  Our positive behavior plan will reward students that are a positive part of our campus. We will be offering:

  • Positive and fun activities
  • Noon time sports program
  • Engaging after school programs
  • Classroom rewards
  • Other rewards  


CA. Code of Regulations (5CCR) 300 - Duties of Pupils requires pupils to: conform to school regulations; obey all directions; be diligent in studies and respectful to teachers and others in authority; and refrain from the use of profane and vulgar language.  Please note - California Education Code 48900 mandates the principal to recommend expulsion for any of the following acts:

1.     Causing serious physical injury to another person

2.     Possessing, selling, or otherwise furnishing a firearm

3.     Sale of controlled substances

4.     Brandishing a knife or weapon


JAMS’ rules exist to provide a safe learning environment for our students.  Consequences to these actions may include detention, Thursday School, suspension, parent conference, parent classroom visitation, and/or recommendation for expulsion.  The consequences will depend on the severity and the circumstances of the case.  The following actions will not be tolerated at JAMS:

  •  Assault/defiance/disrespect of any school personnel either by behavior, verbal abuse/threats or gestures.
  • Dangerous objects such as knives, firearms, explosives, laser pointers or items that comprise the safety of the campus may not be brought to school.  Replica and look-alike weapons are included.
  • Hate crimes such as acts of “hate” or intimidation either verbal or written.
  • Hazing, which involves participating in or conspiring to engage in harassing acts that injure, degrade or disgrace other individuals
  • Sexual Harassment / Harassment, which is defined as making unwanted and unwelcomed behavior towards another or creating a hostile environment (e.g. Pornographic materials are not permitted at school.) Sending pornographic material whether of oneself or others (sexting) is also not permitted and is against the state law.
  • Cheating, which involves accepting another person’s / Internet resource work as though it were your own.
  • Use of profanity, abusive language, and/or derogatory remarks.
  • Theft, which is defined as the unlawful taking of property.
  • Extortion, which is the taking of money or valuables under threat to bodily harm.  It includes the obtaining of property from another with consent, induced by wrongful use of force, fear or intimidation.  (Students are not allowed to loan or borrow money while at school.)
  • Defacing/destroying (which includes tagging) school or personal property; students and their parents/guardians will be responsible for damages caused to school or personal property.
  • Pagers, radios, cd players, ipods, walkmans, and cameras are not allowed - they will be confiscated.
  • Cellular phones are allowed; however, they are not allowed to be turned on, played with, or visible during the school day.
  • Use and/or possession of explosives (fireworks, poppers, pop guns etc.)
  • Use of any form of drug or drug paraphernalia; including marijuana, cigarettes, vapes, inhalers (huffing) or alcohol.
  • Loitering on campus during and/or after school hours is not permitted.
  • Excessive and unexcused tardies, excessive and unexcused absences, and/or truancy/class-cutting.
  • Gambling/Betting (pitching pennies, throwing dice, sporting event bets, etc.).
  • Sales of any items not supported by JAMS fundraising activities.
  • Computer use that violates the District Acceptable Use policy for accessing the internet, e-mail and information resources.
  • Classroom and/or Campus Disruption or Disobedience
  • Bullying that creates fear or negative behavior among students. Bullying also includes cyber bullying (that which occurs on the internet e.g. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Twitter, etc.)


Anti-Gang Policy

The Lawndale School District shall seek, within its jurisdiction, to provide students with a quality education and a safe, wholesome environment free from intimidation.  The board recognizes that gang-related activity is detrimental to the education program of the district and the safe welfare of the students.  The Board of Trustees will not allow any gang-related activity, gang-communication, or gang-attire on any of its school campuses or at any school activity.  The following standards will be enforced:

  • Zero Tolerance for Gang Activities
  • Gang-related activities (initiations, verbal and physical intimidation) will not be tolerated on school campuses;
  • No clothing, jewelry (spiked items), and/or accessories related to a group or gang, which may provoke others to act violent or be intimidated by fear of violence shall be worn on campus or at any school activity (including, but not limited to hair nets, bandanas, shoestrings, belts buckles, double rings, chains);
  • Graffiti: Gang names, artwork and/or logos are not permitted on school property or on students’ school supplies (backpacks, notebooks, folders, book covers, assignments, etc.) 

Search and Seizure Policy

The school principal and other administrators may conduct a search of a student if they believe the student has materials that are in violation of school rules or state law. The search may include inspection of clothing, purses, wallets, backpacks, and other personal property. The search may also include an inspection of school property where items may be concealed.


All unclaimed confiscated items will be disposed of at the end of each trimester.


Restrooms are to be used only for their intended purpose. Students are not allowed to loiter in or around the restrooms. Restrooms may be used during passing periods, lunch, and before or after school only (unless there is written medical excuse).

Bikes, Skateboards and Roller Blades

Students are allowed to ride their bikes to and from school only if wearing a helmet. All bikes are to be locked with a heavy chain or cable lock in the bike cage located in the circle area. After arriving on campus, bicycles are to be walked into the bike area. Bikes and or skateboards are not to be ridden in front of school or on school grounds at any time.

Warning: The Lawndale School District is not responsible for property that is damaged, lost or stolen as a result of parking bicycles in the bike rack area.

The school district’s insurance has prohibited skateboards, roller skates and rollerblades on school grounds. These items will be confiscated if used at school and returned only to parents or at the discretion of the Administration.  Upon the first offense, administrators will keep the confiscated item until the end of the school day. Repeated offenses will cause an increase in the number of days ending in students not being permitted to have these items at school. Students who use these items for transportation to and from school may lock them in the bike area or skateboard shed during the day as long as they are not used on campus.

* All students riding bikes or skateboards to and from school are REQUIRED to wear a helmet by state law.

Classroom Rules

Every teacher establishes his/her own classroom rules, although some rules are consistent throughout the entire school. Listed below are rules that remain the same in every classroom on JAMS’ campus.  These basic rules include, but are not limited to the following:

1.     Eating, drinking and gum chewing in a classroom is not permitted.

2.     Talking/socializing with other students during class time is not permitted unless otherwise allowed by the teacher.

3.     Students are not allowed to be out of their seats without teacher permission.

4.     Electronic devices will be removed from the student and be stored until a parent picks it up from the office.

Physical altercations of any kind (fighting, play fighting, roughhousing, or any other inappropriate physical contact) will not be tolerated and is subject to suspension from school.

Dress Code Policy

As parents and educators strive to improve the quality of education and environment in which learning takes place, time and attention is focused on the manner in which students dress for school.  As an educational institution, we encourage students to dress appropriately and avoid clothing that may be distracting, offensive, and/or hazardous to their safety and the safety of others. 

The following are strictly prohibited for the personal safety of our students:

  • Shaving of eyebrow
  • Wearing any clothing that designates non-school organizations and/or private clubs 
  • Any hats, caps, visors, hair nets, bandanas, and curlers
  • Pant size must be appropriate not baggy.  The fullness must not interfere with normal school activities. 
  • Initialed belt buckles, spiked jewelry, and/or chains (e.g. chains on wallets), metal studded attire (e.g. studded bracelets, jackets, backpacks, and other personal belongings.)
  • Cut-off pants or cut-off shorts. Skirts or shorts shorter than amid-thigh are prohibited.
  • Revealing (transparent) blouses, skirts dresses, spaghetti strap, or halter type blouses etc
  • Clothing that exposes the midriff area, strapless garments, low-neckline or backline
  • Overalls must be of appropriate size and both straps must strap onto shoulder; a shirt must be worn underneath the overalls covering the chest and shoulders.
  • Unsafe footwear including but not limited to beach thongs and excessive heeled shoes.  For safety purposes, sandals must be held in place with a heel strap.  Steel-toed shoes or boots are not permitted.
  • Excessive, distracting, and/or unsafe body piercing
  • Sunglasses (unless they are prescribed); recreational sunglasses are not allowed.
  • Any items that can be related to gang affiliation/activity (e.g. red or blue, shoelaces, jerseys)

No jewelry, studs, or piercings may be worn during PE at any time.

The final decision as to whether a student’s dress or grooming is, in fact, disruptive or distracting shall be made by the principal or designee.


Progressive Discipline Policy

JAMS has adopted a progressive discipline policy which consists of the following graduated consequences:

1st Offense       Warning

2nd Offense       Teacher/Student Conference

3rd Offense      Teacher/Parent Call, Teacher Team

4th Offense      Contact Parent and Conference

Please note that although the Progressive Discipline Policy allows for consequences to increase incrementally, serious infractions that violate the California Education Code 48900 mandate the principal to recommend expulsion.

Classroom Textbook Policy

The textbooks you will utilize will cost approximately from $50.00 to $75.00 per textbook. Each student is issued class textbooks to be taken home at no charge. Because of the high cost of textbooks, they must be used for many years. All students must abide by the following:

  • Students are responsible for all textbooks issued to them.
  • Textbooks may not be lent to other students.
  • Report cards, promotional ceremony, certificate of promotion, yearbook, or student schedules could be withheld if fees are not paid

Homework Policy

Homework is an integral part of your student’s instructional program. Homework assignments reinforce and enhance student learning of important classroom lessons. Students are expected to complete homework assignments on time. Homework planners will be available to all students at the beginning of the school year. Students should place this assignment book in their three-ring binder, and write down their classroom assignments each period in this book.

Homework: Estimated time for homework will vary, but we expect students to have about 60-90 minutes a night of homework.  This time includes 20 to 30 minutes for reading each night. 


Missed Assignments

It is the responsibility of each student to get instructions/missing assignments from his/her teachers after being absent from school. However, for special projects (i.e., term papers, book reports), the deadline may not be extended (please consult the classroom teacher).  We encourage you to use the Buddy System.


PE Uniform

We will have JAMS PE uniforms available for sale during the start of the school year. Students are required to wear the authorized PE uniform: black shorts; gray T-shirt, white socks, and tennis shoes. We will offer our school uniforms and school agendas at a special packet price for parents and students to save money. No jewelry, studs, piercing may be worn during PE at any time.



JAMS does not have hall lockers. Students are expected to carry all necessary supplies with them daily. Lockers are issued for PE. Students will be issued a lock to be returned at the end of the year. Lost locks may be replaced for $7.00. Be careful with your locker combination.  Do not give it to friends.


Attendance Office

The Attendance Office is located through the main gate in the Main Office. This is where students check in after being absent. Students must have a note written and signed by their parent or guardian, indicating the dates absent and the reason. Any student absent 3 or more days consecutively may be asked to present a doctor’s note. Students will not be readmitted to their classes without a readmit slip obtained from the Attendance Office. Please call the school office to report an absence by 9:00 a.m.


Arrival at School

All JAMS students should observe the school bell schedule.  The first bell rings at 8:10 a.m.  Any students not in their assigned seat by 8:15 a.m. are considered tardy and may be assigned detention. Students who arrive late 30 minutes or more are considered to be truant.


Tardy and Truancy Policy

At JAMS you have 7 classes, and you are expected to be on time for each class! Tardiness disrupts the learning environment of the classroom and the school.  Students that are tardy to school in the mornings may receive detention for up to 30 minutes for each tardy.  Tardy sweeps are conducted periodically. Excessive tardies will result in office referrals.


Truancies or Excessive Absences

JAMS is a closed campus.  Being truant means the student is in a location where either his/her parent or teacher has not given him/her permission to be. Students who cut class or stay home without parent permission are truant. Truant students receive consequences from the Assistant Principal or Counselors. Students with excessive absences will be reported to SARB (Student Attendance Review Board). Students between the ages of 6 and 18 are required to attend school full-time, unless otherwise exempt.


To be excused during school hours, a note from a parent must be presented to the attendance office before school. Students who leave campus without permission will be considered truant. Students must sign out with a parent in the attendance office when leaving campus before the end of the school day. Students must sign in with the attendance office if they return to school the same day that they were excused to leave.



Students who return from being absent from school must line up outside the Attendance Office by 8:00 a.m. in order to get a readmit.  Absences must be verified by a parent or guardian in a note. On the note, parents should give the student’s name, grade, and date of absence and reason for absence.


Hallway Pass Policy

Students out of class during class time must have a valid pass containing the student’s name, date, time, destination, and teacher’s signature. All passes are valid only for five minutes unless stated otherwise.


JAMS Curriculum

The curriculum at JAMS is the master plan for learning. The courses offered are those required by the California Department of Education as well as those that the faculty considers to be necessary for the intellectual growth of our students. We offer Reading and Math remedial and enrichment courses to address student’s individual needs.

Required Subjects:

Language Arts







Honors and GATE

The GATE and Honors program is for students who have exceeded standards in specific content areas.


Student Responsibilities

Your first responsibility as a JAMS student is to be prepared with the appropriate supplies for your first day of school. Teachers suggest that all students bring with them the following items on the first day of school:

1.     One three-inch three-ring binder

2.     At least 10 notebook dividers

3.     College ruled notebook paper

4.     A clear, plastic pencil pouch

5.     Six #2 pencils with erasers

6.     Two black and two blue pens

7.     Daily homework planner (agenda)

8.     One spiral notebook for math journal


Report Cards

JAMS has pupil free Parent Conference Days to discuss the academic progress of every student. The first conference day is at the first progress report period in mid-October. The second one will be at the middle of the 2nd trimester.  Teachers are available during the school day schedule to meet with individual students and parents during their conference period. Report cards are mailed home for each student at the end of each trimester. We look forward to seeing you on these days.  If your child is in danger of failing a class or receiving unsatisfactory citizenship grades, please contact your child’s teachers immediately as this may seriously affect the child’s eligibility for promotion to the next grade.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are not report cards. They are an indication/warning of the student’s progress prior to the official report card grading. Progress reports are sent home at the mid point of each trimester.


Parent/Guardian Conferences

Parents/guardians may schedule conferences with their child’s teachers at any time during their conference period.  You may contact the student’s teacher, teacher teams or counselor by dialing the school directory.

JAMS has nearly 900 students. In an effort to make a large school seem smaller, we have divided JAMS into several teams. Students of one team share the same teachers and attend classes with only their team members. Teacher Teams focus only on the 90-150 students within their team. This allows teachers to be familiar with a few students, to meet with parents together, to plan joint lessons and activities for their team, to provide consistency from class to class, and to encourage teamwork and team pride. Parent/Guardian support is a critical element of our students’ education.



California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) assessment system. The CAASPP system replaces the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program. The primary purpose of the CAASPP system is to assist teachers, administrators, and pupils and their parents by promoting high-quality teaching and learning through the use of a variety of assessment approaches and item types. The purpose of the test is two-fold: (1) to measure academic progress and (2) to find out more about the abilities of our students. This is a State mandated test that each student must take yearly.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every student realizes his or her educational potential. Students’ preparation should be a year long process in the classroom and at home. Assistance may be requested through the students’ Mathematics and English Teachers or their Counselor.


Academic Recognition

At the end of trimester one and two, students are recognized for their academic excellence. Students with a 3.5 GPA or above are part of our Honor Roll. Students with Perfect Attendance for each trimester will also be honored.


General Information


Campus Supervisors

JAMS employs two campus supervisors full-time. They are responsible for the protection and safety of JAMS students and staff. Regular supervision is also provided during lunchtime and passing periods for the safety of our students.


Counseling Office

The Counseling Office is located in front of the school on the west side of campus. The center is staffed with two credentialed school counselors, a social worker, and graduate interns. The counselors are available to all students. Students seeking assistance with personal problems, academic guidance, and conflict resolution should contact their counselors. Parents may also contact the counselors for assistance and consultation. 


Health Office

1.     Students must have a pass to come to the Health Office.

2.     A current Emergency Information Card must be on file to notify parents in case of emergency.

3.     Doctor’s written permission is required before returning with cast, crutches, or medication.

4.     The nurse can give medication if instructions are provided with authorization from the doctor and parent.

5.     Physical Education excuses for more than three days require a doctor’s note.

6.     This office also arranges appointments with the “Partners for Healthy Kids Medical Van” for students and siblings (0-18 years old) who have medical needs. Please call the school office if you are in need of a van appointment.



The school cafeteria is open before school and lunchtime. A variety of foods are available including snack foods, beverages, plate lunches, pizza, as well as other a la carte items. The cafeteria offers meals for students on free or reduced lunch/breakfast programs; however, a complete, healthy meal may be purchased for $2.00. Breakfast may be purchased for $1.00. Students are also welcome to bring lunches from home. Students must eat lunch on campus and in the designated areas only. JAMS is your home away from home. Take pride in its appearance. Use trash and recycle containers. Students may not, however, be in the classroom areas, locker areas, or corridors during lunch.


Noon League Sports

During lunchtime students may participate in a variety of sports. Students join teams and compete daily in this program. Flag-football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, pickle ball and softball are offered.


After School Program

JAMS’ After School Program provides students with a safe and constructive environment, which extends learning opportunities. In addition, the Realizing Amazing Potential (RAP) Program operates after school until 6:00 p.m. The program is free except for a $60.00 registration fee. Registration forms are available in the school office.


School Dances

Afternoon dances are held for JAMS students throughout the school year. Dances are usually held after school on Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:45 PM in the auditorium.



The following sports are offered after school at various times of the year: volleyball, track/cross country, soccer, basketball, and flag-football. Students practice and compete against other middle schools after school.


School Publications

  • Yearbook: JAMS yearbook is a complete, pictorial record of the year’s activities and is one of the most treasured possessions of JAMS students.
  • E-Mail newsletters are sent home on a regular basis. Please make sure your e-mail address is returned to the school on the yellow emergency cards.
  • Website:

The school website has valuable information about the school. Student grades can be accessed through the parent portal. Information about school activities is posted regularly on the website.


School Anti-Bullying Rules


  • We will not bully others
  • We will try to help students who are bullied
  • We will try to include students who are left out
  • If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home