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Language Arts


  • Right now we are working on what each of the reading strategies are and how to write an ACE response. 


  • Reading Log-  Read 20-30 minutes Mon-Friday and at least one day on the weekends. You are then to write 4 reading responses on your reading within a week using the reading strategies provided on the log.  2 entries must be completed by Friday and the rest of the entries along with the entire reading log are due on Monday.
  • Persuasive Paragraphs are due Oct. 28th.



We are now working on our Mesopotamia Unit


  • Mesopotamia Geography slides due today 10/28
  • Mesopotamia Culture and Society slides due 11/6
  • Mesopotamia Government slides due 11/11
  • Mesopotamia worksheet 23 due 11/12
Jennifer Alston

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Dependent and independent clauses practice.



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