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Eno Attah Meekins

Meet Dr. Attah Meekins

Brief Bio

Dr. Attah Meekins serves as the 21st century library media specialist for the JAMS media center.  A native of Southern California and passionate educator, she earned her B.A. from the University of Southern California.  There, she studied English Language and Literature, and soon after began her career as a Language Arts instructor. In 2009, she completed her graduate studies at San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science, becoming one of only two librarians in her former school district. She loves reading, traveling, listening to music, and learning through new experiences. Dr. Attah Meekins also enjoys working with young people and helping them to succeed in all facets of their lives.  She may not have every answer initially, but  her resourcefulness assists her in helping people to find the information that they need.  Her collaboration with instructors is always a journey, but a worthwhile one that makes lessons more engaging and meaningful for students.  Furthermore, your library media specialist finds joy in connecting with all members of the school community, including parents, staff, alumni, community groups and any others who may need her services.  Dr. Attah Meekins has served as program director for My Sisters’ Keeper, an all girl’s leadership program and volunteered with several organizations, including StandUp for Kids, Inglewood Senior Citizen Center, Heal the Bay and L.A. Works.  She holds two MAs in library information science and educational administration.  Additionally, she earned her doctoral degree in education from Loyola Marymount University.  Dr. Attah Meekins is overjoyed to be here at JAMS and looks forward to partnering with each and every member of the school community.  Please visit the media center webpage!


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