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In Room 38


Once a week 2nd Lunch (8th Gr.)

2nd & 4th Wed After school (All Grades)





M.A.P.S. Poetry Club

WHat is M.A.P.S?

Mindful Aesthetic Poetry Society

The purpose of M.A.P.S is to increase literacy, empower youth and encourage self-expression through the art.


poetry club


The goals of this club are to empower youth through written and spoken poetry. This also includes building self-confidence in students to share their work and to inspire communities. Students will learn to weave important messages that can inspire their communities.

Student Poetry


by Isabella Quinn


Its difficult to get emotions on to paper,

However in my head I can feel them so strongly. I can put them into words but not exactly.

I can feel these emotions so clearly,

But I don't think I can describe them all to you.

I can't stop thinking about them

Even though I know it's wrong for me to.

And even though I can't express them all,

I would like to share at least one.

And that is I'll care for with all my heart,

Even if you don't feel the same for me.

After all this time I don't think I can get rid of these feelings.

Even if it's best for me.

It's not healthy I know,

But I just can't stop myself.

Your Sketchbook

By Stephanie Garcia


When the world brings you down,

Whenever you're mad,


Or empty,

Pick me up.

I won't judge.

Open me.

Drag the lead across me.

Express yourself.

Because of you, I'm beautiful.

I think you look for my creativity.

But someday, I will no longer be of use.

You will buy another one of me.

You will need it disposed me, or preserved me.

But whatever you do, I thank you for the memories

That lie within me.

I am your Sketchbook.



By Isabella Quinn


You’re my best friend,

You’re always there for me.

Always telling me not to give up.

And then, just like that, you’re gone.

I’ve tried my hardest to get you back again,

Yet I knew I couldn’t, but I kept trying.

But then, one day I just broke down,

And I gave up…

For the first time since I’ve met you, I gave up.


But then, months later, something happened.

I found you again, my other half, my best friend.

I promise, I will never give up again,

Especially when it’s about something so important to me.


What Comes Next?

By Dariner Jui


In the near minutes that approach

Is time we could be using wisely

we could be using independently

Now and then do I have the courage

Now and then I should start acting, no I must

Think now ,I act

My thought process is different

Now and then the thought of what will happen, like what happened to them

Then and now to us surprise

It has come to haunt us and the other is unpredictable,

So I curl into a ball

Waiting to be kicked by the two who won’t leave me be

I must comply

With them

The past haunts

The future

Is cunning



To happen.